Kilometers voor Kinderen

Kilometers voor Kinderen, Revival Tour 1907 – 2007, Save The Children


Save the Children

Save the Children is delighted with the special fundraising project to be carried out by Peter Uithol and Dirk Regter. It is wonderful to see how these two men are preparing for their journey with such enthusiasm and how they are going about raising money for the Save the Children funds with equal enthusiasm.

Save the Children fights for children’s rights. We deliver immediate and lasting improvements in the lives and future prospects of children worldwide. We consider it important to involve the children themselves when looking for solutions to their problems. We concentrate primarily on health care, education and protection from exploitation and abuse.

If you decide to sponsor this fantastic journey, you can pledge your kilometer sponsorship or donations through the
Save the Children
website. Your donation will be spent on projects in the areas along the route.

Education and protection for Mongolia’s children.

One-third of Mongolian children live in poverty, exacerbated by the country’s harsh winters. Malnutrition is a growing concern – an estimated 30 per cent of children aged under five in 1998 were small for their age and 10 per cent were underweight; 51 per cent of the population did not have access to safe drinking water. The nation’s achievements in literacy are jeopardised as fewer children enroll at school and more drop out early, often for economic reasons.
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