Kilometers voor Kinderen

Kilometers voor Kinderen, Revival Tour 1907 – 2007, Save The Children


Latest News

20-04-2007 Loading Up

Last Friday we were finally ready to go. The cars were loaded up at the NYK line at the Ceres grounds in Amsterdam. The T-ford was put onto the trailer and the following car brought up the rear……


12-04-2007 Satellitemodem

GE VeriWise has provided us with a satellite modem. The modem will send our precise GPS coordinates approximately once every six hours.


18-03-2007 Following Car

The following car has been provided by Stergam. It has standard interior panelling, and is also covered in stickers. We have picked the car up, and it looks amazing!!


18-03-2007 The Route

Peter has worked out the route, this is the result:


15-03-2007 Succesfull start of the project ‘KilometersForKids’

This afternoon, wednesday 14 march, the project had a tumultueus start at the ‘Nieuwe School’ in Edam


15-03-2007 Pressreleases




09-12-2006 Following car

The following car will be used to transport the spare parts, the camping equipment, the clothing, food, petrol and much much more.
In order to check that all this will fit into the van, we borrowed a Vito the same size as our following car from the dealer. We then loaded it up with the things we plan to take with us.
We collected the van on the morning of Saturday 9 December. It’s not the same van that we will eventually be taking with us, but it’s the same size. Plus….



camping weekend 30-09-2006

The time had come to test out all our new camping equipment with the entire team, including our “support team” Trudy and Elly. We like surprises, yet we did not want to take the gamble of travelling 15,000 kilometers before discovering a leak in one of the sleeping mats, or that one of the tent poles is missing. It is also reassuring to have practised setting everything up at least once before leaving. And, of course, it is a good idea to get used to each other’s company in these new circumstances. “What better test of a relationship than putting up a tent together!”