Kilometers voor Kinderen

Kilometers voor Kinderen, Revival Tour 1907 – 2007, Save The Children


Following Car


12-04-2007 Satellite Modem

GE VeriWise has provided us with a satellite modem. The modem will send our precise GPS coordinates approximately once every six hours. This will enable us to see exactly where we are using the internet. A link will be placed on this website so people can see our exact location.

We mounted the modem onto the roof of the following car. It has its own battery, so no wiring needs to be attached.

18-03-2007 Following Car

The following car has been provided by Stergam. It has standard interior panelling, and is also covered in stickers. We have picked the car up, and it looks amazing!!

On the back is the Save the Children logo,
On the side is the text Peking-Paris in Russian and Chinese,
plus the logos of the sponsors; there are still a number to be added.

On the front is the map showing our route.

09-12-2006 Following Car

The following car will be used to transport the spare parts, the camping equipment, the clothing, food, petrol and much much more.
In order to check that all this will fit into the van, we borrowed a Vito the same size as our following car from the dealer. We then loaded it up with the things we plan to take with us. We collected the van on the morning of Saturday 9 December. It’s not the same van that we will eventually be taking with us, but it’s the same size. Plus…. it has air-conditioning. It would appear that this has been added to the ‘standard’ package. That’s good, as it means that our van will also be fitted with air-conditioning.

We plan is to keep the spare parts on the load platform of the car, as we are sure that we won’t need them every day.
Just above the wheel housing, we will then build a wooden platform covering the parts, onto which we can load ‘clean’ items like tents and baggage.
With a little juggling, (especially where the spare tyres were concerned), we managed to fit everything in!